Fukami Laboratory, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University

Homepage of Ohno-Fukami Laboratory (~2018/03) is here.

We have open postdoctoral positions. We will particularly welcome researchers who are interested in spintronics devices for unconventional computing hardware. If you have an interest, please contact Prof. Fukami (s-fukami_at_riec.tohoku.ac.jp).


Our paper "Hardware-Aware In Situ Learning Based on Stochastic Magnetic Tunnel Junctions" by J. Kaiser, W. A. Borders, K. Y. Camsari, S. Fukami, H. Ohno, and S. Datta was published in Physical Review Applied.
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Our paper "Modification of unconventional Hall effect with doping at the nonmagnetic site in a two-dimensional van der Waals ferromagnet" by R. R. Chowdhury, C. Patra, S. DuttaGupta, S. Satheesh, S. Dan, S. Fukami & R. P. Singh was published in Physical Review Materials.

Professor Ohno, the current president of Tohoku University, has been added to the International Fellows of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.


We present "Fast Switching Down to 3.5 ns in Sub-5-nm Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Achieved by Engineering Relaxation Time" (by B. Jinnai, J. Igarashi, T. Shinoda, K. Watanabe, S. Fukami, and H. Ohno) in the 67th Annual IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM2021) on December 11-15 in San Francisco.

Press release: "Magnetic Tunnel Junction Technology for the Angstrom Semiconductor Era


Our paper "Temperature dependence of intrinsic critical current in perpendicular easy axis CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junctions" by Y. Takeuchi, E. C. I. Enobio, B. Jinnai, H. Sato, S. Fukami, and H. Ohno was published in Applied Physics Letters.
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