Fukami-Kanai Laboratory, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University

Homepage of Ohno-Fukami Laboratory (~2018/03) is here.

We have open postdoctoral positions. We will particularly welcome researchers who are interested in spintronics devices for unconventional computing hardware. If you have an interest, please contact Prof. Fukami (s-fukami_at_riec.tohoku.ac.jp).


Our paper "Room-temperature flexible manipulation of the quantum-metric structure in a topological chiral antiferromagnet" by J. Han, T. Uchimura, Y. Araki, J.-Y. Yoon, Y. Takeuchi, Y. Yamane, S. Kanai, J. Ieda, H. Ohno & S. Fukami in  Nature Physics.

Our paper "Collective Spin-Wave Dynamics in Gyroid Ferromagnetic Nanostructures" by  M. Gołębiewski, R. Hertel, M. d’Aquino, V. Vasyuchka, M. Weiler, P. Pirro, M. Krawczyk, S. Fukami, H. Ohno, and J. Llandro was published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Our paper "CMOS plus stochastic nanomagnets enabling heterogeneous computers for probabilistic inference and learning" by N. S. Singh, K. Kobayashi, Q. Cao, K. Selcuk, T. Hu, S. Niazi, N. A. Aadit, S. Kanai, H. Ohno, S. Fukami, and K. Y. Camsari was published in Nature Communications.

Yoon Juyoung-san (PD) has received the Graduate School of Engineering Award. Congratulations!


Our paper "Wurtzite vs. rock-salt MnSe epitaxy: electronic and altermagnetic properties" by M. J. Grzybowski, C. Autieri, J. Domagala, C. Krasucki, A. Kaleta, S. Kret, K. Gas, M. Sawicki, R. Bożek, J. Suffczyński, and W. Pacuski was published in Nanoscale.