Fukami Laboratory, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University

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We held welcome party for Valentin.


W. A. Borders (D2), S. Fukami (Assoc. Prof.), and H. Ohno (Adviser) received the Japanese Society of Applied Physics, Outstanding Paper Award for their paper "Analogue spin–orbit torque device for artificial-neural-network-based associative memory operation" published in Applied Physics Express in 2017.


Mr. Valentin Desbuis, an internship student from School of Mines Nancy, joined us.


T. Dohi (D3) has started a four-month overseas study at Argonnne National Laboratory under the Graduate Program in Spintronics (GP-Spin), Tohoku University.


Professor Hideo Ohno received ISCS Welker Award for his "seminal contributions to the materials science, physics of ferromagnetic III-V semiconductors and spintronics."
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